Brochure, Transitions Research Corporation

Stop Giving Your Professional Staff the Runaround

Saturday. 1 a.m. The Nurse Manager needs a tracheostomy tray from CSS for the patient in 1214C. No one from CSS is available to deliver the tray, so rather than wait an unknown length of time, a nurse is sent to get it. Down twelve floors. Across two wings. Then back again. The 12th floor is short one nurse for twenty minutes, minimum. At twenty dollars an hour.

In a time of critical nursing shortages, having your skilled professional staff perform routine departmental tasks and run non-emergency errands is a tremendous waste of their skills and your money. But low-wage, entry level workers are getting hard to find.

HelpMate from TRC offers a flexible, safe, reliable and cost-effective alternative. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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