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PC Label Printers
Take the Labor Out of Labeling.

Smith Corona is aggressively attacking the huge SOHO market for PC label printers with advanced features and competitive prices.

When it comes to making labeling a simple task, Smith Corona really delivers the big solution to a big problem: With the PC Label Printer, your customers can type labels right from their computer, using the most popular word processing and database software.

To meet a variety of needs, the PC Label Printer comes in two sizes and prints high quality text, graphics, even bar codes. From name tags and floppy disks to packages and much, much more, the Smith Corona PC Label Printer is the hassle-free way to label. Which means that selling it will take no labor at all.

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Labels for envelopes, name tags, floppy disks, video tapes - the list is endless. And that means repeat traffic for you.

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