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Power Tools for Today's Office

Today, the very meaning of "office" is changing. Walls are coming down. Technology is everywhere. Tomorrow isn't soon enough. Work smarter, not harder. Doing more with fewer people. This is the environment that gave rise to the Aficio 200 and Aficio 400 from Ricoh - premium power tools for the way we work today.

The Ricoh Aficio Digital Copier Advantage

Ricoh's advanced digital technology increases efficiency while substantially reducing noise levels. Scan your document directly into memory and walk away with your originals while the machine performs the tasks you request, automatically. Advanced design concepts allow these machines to fit easily into virtually any office environment.

But exceptional digital performance is just the beginning...

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Ricoh Aficio 200
The Expandable Digital Solution for Office Automation

The Aficio 200 from Ricoh brings the performance enhancements of digital technology within the reach of virtually every business. Of course, the Aficio 200 offers a wide range of advanced copying features. But that's just the beginning. With the addition of optional printer and fax modules, the Aficio easily supports an organization's most critical document processing tasks. From digital copying at 400 dpi to printing at a remarkable 600 dpi and faxing at a fast 14.4 kbps, the versatile Aficio 200 provides increased office efficiency and productivity every day.

What's more, a unique, space-saving "wingless" design makes the Ricoh Aficio 200 a superior choice for work groups within large corporations, branch locations and small offices. The Aficio 200 - providing digital copying features and true, computer-connected multi-tasking.

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