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Highland Park
Orkney's Gold

Founded in 1798 on Orkney, an archipelago of some 70 islands, Highland Park is the most northerly Scotch Whisky distillery in the world. From this unique climate, distinctly different from that of mainland Scotland, Highland Park continues to produce outstanding single malt whiskies crafted in the traditional way, imbuing the whisky with a fine smokiness and heathery sweetness -- the unmistakable heather-honey hallmark of "Orkney's Gold."

A stand-out single malt from the heart of the world's finest whisky-producing region

From the distinguished distilleries of Speyside, where the rivers Findhorn, Lossie, Deveron and Spey flow north to the sea, comes Tamdhu. Born of water from the clear mountain springs that flow unfettered over the peat, Tamdhu's distinctive flavour -- fresh, delicate and elegant -- sets it apart from other Highland malts.

Tamdhu, whose name means "little dark hill" in Gaelic, also stands alone among Speyside distilleries as the only one to malt its own barley on-site, placing every aspect of production under the control of the distillery.

No wonder Tamdhu has enjoyed a reputation for quality and consistency for over 100 years. It is truly a whisky to savour at any time, for any occasion.


From a seaside distillery in the Islay region comes a single malt whisky perfectly balanced with notes of peat, smoke, malt, and fresh sea air.

In the northeast of Islay, an island off the west coast of Scotland, a jagged coast cuts into the sea. Peat bogs abound. And at the mouth of the Margadale River sits the most northerly distillery on Islay -- Bunnahabhain. It's very name means "mouth of the river" in Gaelic, and Bunnahabhain carries the taste and aroma of the sea in its unique, single malt character.

Even Bunnahabhain's distinctive package pays homage to the sea: The helmsman logo depicts the traditional Scottish "Westering Home" theme of long-sung ballads, telling of local sailors returning home to Islay.

Founded in 1883, the Bunnahabhain distillery still does things the traditional, proven way. Starting with water from the clear springs that run below the granite mountains behind the distillery, using a time-honored peating process to impart delicate hints of peat and smoke, Bunnahabhain is born.

Distilled in small copper pot stills, only a narrow "cut" is chosen for maturation. Aged in selected casks, Bunnahabhain matures for a minimum of 12 years in its seaside warehouse, acquiring the slightly "sea-salty" aroma so prized among malt connoisseurs.

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