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Total Employee Care
It's time to manage the cost of Workers' Compensation. And now there's a new way to do it.

The Workers' Compensation Dilemma
Today's corporate risk managers face a dilemma - they have done an excellent job on loss prevention, but workers' compensation costs continue to skyrocket. That's because, in a very real sense, there's no incentive on the part of physicians or employees to get back to work quickly following an injury. In fact, in the traditional workers' compensation model, the exact opposite is true; often physicians and employees are rewarded financially for not returning to work. And that has to change.

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PHS Now Tri-State -- Enters New Jersey Market
Provider Network Includes All 21 Counties

PHS has received approval from New Jersey health and insurance departments to offer a full complement of managed care products in that state. We expect the program to be operational sometime in the first quarter of next year. At present, 65 New Jersey hospitals and more than 4,500 doctors have signed on. The provider network will span all 21 counties in the state, making PHS the first managed care organization to start operations in New Jersey with a state-wide service area.

To handle this expansion, PHS plans to hire an additional 300 employees for January. Approximately 200 of the new employees will be based in Connecticut, with the remaining 100 divided between New York and New Jersey. Total employment at PHS will rise about 700 to 1,000.

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