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Unleashing the Power of Information

Take a look around your organization. Some of your ability to communicate and collaborate with colleagues has been lost in a proliferation of EIS and GIS software packages, each with its own data. It's time to get back to standards. To data you can trust, from a source you can trust. It's time to unleash the power of information, with MarketIntellect.

MarketIntellect delivers powerful data, plus enhanced software, in a single, affordable package that's so easy to use, it's even - dare we say it - fun!

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Market Statistics has been tracking consumers since before the consumer era was born

1946. The boys were coming home. Wedding bells chimed, and the baby boom began. For the first time, average Americans had jobs with a future, money in their pockets. Radio advertising was king, and people were listening. And they were ready to spend. The consumer era was born. And the Survey of Buying Power, which had already been published for 17 years by Sales & Marketing Management magazine, was there to record it all. The highs and lows. Who was selling what to whom. Where we were living, what we were buying. And what the future would hold.

So what's happened in the last 50 years? What has changed and what's stayed the same? To give you a feel for the difference five decades makes, Market Statistics - which provides the data, or business content, to the Survey of Buying Power - has compiled some comparisons between the dawn of consumerism in 1946, and what many believe is the height of the consumer movement in 1996. But, then again, maybe we've just begun to spend...

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