Brochure, International Financial Services Ltd.

Paperless, flexible archiving and retrieval -- at the speed of light

The problem: Producing, storing and retrieving endless reams of paper reports, statements and/or microfiche is expensive, time-consuming and inefficient.

The solution: Greenbar Viewer from International Financial Systems Ltd. (IFSL).

Greenbar Viewer, the innovative computer output to laser disk (COLD) system, stores reports and statements directly on your local area network (LAN) server, ready for immediate retrieval and archival storage. Greenbar is so efficient, savings on paper and microfiche costs will typically cover your investment in Greenbar in less than a year.

Fast, Easy Access

With Greenbar, there are no arcane commands to learn, no complex instructions to follow. Documents are accessed through a familiar Windows interface. COLD data is automatically organized and indexed, so searches are done in seconds, instead of days, right from any PC on the network.

Dynamic, Flexible Integration

Greenbar Viewer is the only "component" COLD system. This unique approach allows easy integration of Greenbar reports and statements into other Windows-based applications. All without costly custom programming. You can simply embed Greenbar objects into word processing, e-mail, database or other applications.

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