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SportSoft/SQL Offers Benefits in Large Venue Environments

SportSoft/SQL and ArtSoft/SQL provide numerous innovative features for improving efficiency and increasing revenues in ticket sales operations. Many of these were designed with sports in mind and will especially appeal to those operating in large venue environments.

The best available module contains tools that greatly simplify the search for seats through various areas of a large stadium. SEARCH PATHS, which establish "sub sets" of the stadium, i.e., Lower Level/North Side, are user defined and totally flexible. Innovative commands, such as FLIP BEST and NEXT BEST, allow the user to easily and quickly navigate through search paths, locating various sets of alternative seats to offer the customer. BEST ACROSS x EVENTS searches for the best seats among an unlimited number of operator selected events. After selecting these events, they can be saved in a PERSONAL LIST for future searches. SEAT PREFERENCES instructs the system to find seats to satisfy special requests, such as end of row or "above row x".

Our SQL products also provide tremendous flexibility in tailoring the sales process to the experience level and job assignments of various users. One has the option of operating from either USER FRIENDLY MENUS or from a COMMAND LINE, making it easier to train new operators (on menus) while allowing experienced users to work at a more productive pace (on command lines). OPERATOR SCRIPTS tailor the sequence of screens that are presented to operators as they proceed with their work, so that , for example, a mail room employee might be required to fill in promotion code data while a window seller would not.

Because of the number of users and the variety of needs, large organizations often require that data be reported in many different formats. Furthermore, these format requests can change on a daily basis. In addition to the many packaged reports available in the system, our SQL foundation provides a gateway to FLEXIBLE REPORTING and ANALYSIS PACKAGES. Users can choose among various industry standard software products that dynamically interface with live ticketing data, such as Forest and Trees, Lotus and other reporting packages.

The accurate analysis of mailings is important to any organization, but it is particularly significant in organizations with large mailing budgets. PATRON ACTIVITY FLAGS, PERSONAL DATA and POST MAILING EVALUATION provide direct marketing capabilities and analyses that make mailings, telemarketing and other sales efforts more targeted and efficient, helping utilize resources to their fullest extent.

Still other features make our ticketing system ideal for ticketing in a large sports organization TOOLBOX allows management to add discount and promotion codes, change operator access, put new events on sale and make other data changes with ease. ELECTRONIC CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION reduces transaction time and provides immediate bank deposits. SEAT ALLOCATIONS for specific use has never been easier. POINT & CLICK SEAT SELECTION from seat charts makes selecting large blocks of seats from a chart a breeze. Our SEASON PACKAGING module facilitates the implementation of creative season packages.

When we set out to build our "next generation" product, one of our goals was to bring ease of use and "ultimate flexibility" to larger venues and sport organizations. With the release of SportSoft/SQL and ArtSoft/SQL, we have clearly accomplished our mission.

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Great expectations deserve great execution.

The arts do not exist in a vacuum, but in a crowded marketplace, clogged with competitors fighting for a share of limited financial and audience support. Decreasing leisure time, competition from the electronic media and a changing economic environment demand new solutions to the challenges of planning for, managing and developing the arts.

The arts industry has a unique set of problems which demand specialized, innovative solutions. With years of "hands on" experience across the spectrum of arts disciplines, ArtSoft Management Services (AMS) has the experience to help organizations and communities dedicated to the arts.

AMS was formed in response to needs in the arts industry: to assist those organizations with the vision to succeed, to develop viable plans and strategies and to improve the arts environment.

Community Development

Creating an atmosphere receptive to the arts is a formidable challenge. Broad-based community support is the key to success. And that support is built by demonstrating the tangible and intangible benefits of an active arts industry: as a resource in attracting businesses and residents and a source of community pride and identity, as well as a way to broaden awareness and appreciation of culture.

Developing strategies which will gain both political and financial support is critical. By combining our understanding of the arts with our in-depth experience in working with government agencies and boards, AMS is able to find creative ways for communities to develop and sustain an active arts environment.

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