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Make time spent on homework more valuable

It's late and there's a paper due tomorrow. Students need a tool that lets them spend less time finding information and more time working with the answers. That's where the Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia shines. We make information faster to find and easier to understand.

Innovative Features

New! The Millenium
Trace 1000 years of world history -- the notable events, colorful figures and important themes. Pick a time, pick a topic, it's all here in rich detail.

Improved! Help
Expanded and enhanced for the Year 2000 edition, Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia's handy Help feature answers your questions with clear, simple instructions.

New! Research Starters
Expertly compiled media and article lists that get you started on dozens of fascinating research reports and homework assignments. Add to our lists or create your own.

New! Historical Panoramas
The Panama Canal under construction, the battlefields of World War I, the 1914 World Series...These sweeping panoramic photographs bring history to life and add a new dimension to learning.

Packaging, Grolier Interactive

Let the adventure begin!

Adventure and learning combine as kids safari through Africa's Serengeti Plain. It's time for exploration, excitement and fun as they seek out gazelles, zebra, lions -- wildlife of every description -- and create a thrilling video documentary. So get ready -- the quest is just a click away!

An exciting video documentary of this wild East African locale

A field guide filled with information on 59 animal species, behavior and habitats

58 fully navigable environments shot on location in East Africa

By foot, truck, boat, airplane, even hot air ballon

Over 150 beautiful animal videos

By completing an interactive multimedia journal

The Serengeti Nightworld with 3 Bonus "nodes" when you complete your documentary

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