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Fujitsu's dex® 740/760
The affordable plain paper laser fax that redefines high performance.

At Fujitsu, we understand that it doesn't matter how good a fax is if you can't afford to buy it or use it. So we've designed the dex 740/760 to be high performance and highly affordable. You get low up-front costs, the economy of operation inherent in a laser printing, plain paper fax and a wealth of performance features that yield enhanced productivity. The Fujitsu dex 740/760 will literally redefine plain paper fax.

Fast. Really Fast.

The dex 740, using standard Group 3, sends a page in only 9 seconds. The dex 760, with its new CCITT-standard, 14.4 kbps modem can send that same page in under 6 seconds, over regular phone lines. But there's much more to speed than just transmission rates.

Quick Scan.

The dex 740/760 can scan a page in under 1.5 seconds. That's a 20-page document in just 30 seconds. So you can scan your document quickly, then take the original and go about your business. Just press a button and the dex 740/760 will perform any function you choose, at any time you choose, from any of the up to 100 sequences you can pre-program in.

Dual Access.

The key to the dex 740/760's enhanced productivity is its ability to perform many tasks simultaneously. For example, you can make a plain paper copy while the dex 740/760 is sending or receiving a fax. Or scan in a document and program it for delayed broadcast while the unit is receiving. Even prepare one document for sending while the unit is transmitting another one. And that's just the beginning. Up to 50 users can individually scan their documents, select a function and the dex 740/760 will execute the commands automatically.

Fujitsu. Redefining Plain Paper Facsimile. Again.

Fujitsu's first laser, plain paper fax set the high end standard for the industry. By building the high performance dex 740/760, we've redefined what an affordable plain paper fax should be.

But with almost 25 years of fax experience, that's just what you'd expect from Fujitsu. Fujitsu - the global computer & communications company.

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