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Give your packaging attitude.
Choose the ATMOS (TM) System for unrivaled shelf appeal

On the front lines of the battle for consumers, the key to success is a package that stands out from the crowd. One that demands attention, that cries out to be picked up. A package with attitude.

By eliminating the restrictions imposed by metal cans and standard plastic containers, the unique ATMOS Dispensing System from Exxel permits unparalleled package design flexibility and creativity. That translates into unrivaled shelf appeal. And increased sales.

With its simple, safe and cost-competitive design and engineering, the ATMOS System lets consumers spray continuously at any angle, even upside down, without aerosols or pumping. It dispenses gels, liquids and creams, and is hermetically sealed to deliver pure product, with no preservatives or pressurized hydrocarbons

So don't wait. For more information or a free sample, call 732-560-3655. Because when it comes to performance, quality and versatility, the ATMOS (TM) System gives your packages the attitude that sells.

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What is the ATMOS System?

For nearly a decade, Exxel Container, Inc. has been the supplier of the leading alternative dispensing system for the packaging industry...the ATMOS System. The ATMOS System is a proprietary delivery system that is, in effect, a package within a package. A thin-walled, durable plastic inner PET bottle is surrounded by a natural rubber sleeve. The rubber sleeve expands as the inner bottle is filled. When the user pushes the valve, the rubber sleeve's natural tendency to return to its normal size provides the despensing power for the package.

The ATMOS System's distinct market benefits include:

Turn-Key Packaging

When it comes to performance, quality and flexibility, the ATMOS System is the industry leader.

Exxel can put you into the market quickly. With a single purchase order, we will ship you finished units either filled with your formulation or with one of our house formulations modified to meet your specifications. We can deliver finished product within 8 to 10 weeks, with no minimum order requirements.

In-House Filling Services

Our unique product knowledge and intense focus on quality minimize the complications which often arise during off-site fill runs. Also, because our new filling facility is designed with flexibility in mind, we are well-positioned to meet your special filling requirements, such as complex pack outs.

Available House Formulations for ATMOS Include:

Assured quality. "Just-in-time" production. Reduced paperwork. Minimal scrap. No wonder leading companies are turning the ATMOS System.

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