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Charcoal on cave walls. Chisel on cold stone. Stylus on wax. Pen on parchment. Electrons painting a glass screen. The tools have changed, but the need to accurately monitor and record daily events has remained constant. Today, as every day for over one hundred years, Bristol Babcock provides the means to measure and control physical events large and small, and to deliver information upon which people can act with confidence.

Quality without compromise

For over a century, quality Bristol Babcock products have measured, monitored and controlled industrial processes. As an industry leader, our goal has been to develop innovative products which meet the varied needs of our customers in the oil, gas, water, wastewater and process industries, then provide those customers with dedicated, uncompromising service and support.

At Bristol Babcock, we begin our product development process by listening to our customers, to our field engineers, to our sales representatives and our vendors. We develop a complete understanding of what the customer needs. Then, we integrate those needs with our extensive industry knowledge and experience to develop cost-effective new products which solve problems, not products in search of problems to solve.

Designed, engineered and built at our facility in Watertown, Connecticut, every one of our products must pass the rigid standards of our comprehensive quality assurance program. From product engineering and manufacturing through delivery, support and customer service, quality without compromise isn't an afterthought - it is the heart and soul of our corporate culture.

Products that work for you

To achieve an uncompromising level of performance, our products are tested at every level of assembly and are fully temperature-cycle burned-in right at our Watertown facility. Hardware, software or a complete turnkey system, our goal is total customer satisfaction. And again, the keys are communication and our understanding of our customers' needs.

Though quality is our goal, performance is the bottom line. Products that do the job. Analog and digital instruments. Telemetering equipment. Distributed or standalone control systems. Whether it's a single loop controlling a measured variable or a digital supervisory system automating an entire natural gas pipeline, Bristol Babcock products work. Every time. Every day.

Only Bristol Babcock's Network 3000 provides a comprehensive solution for both LAN plant process control/automation and wide-area network SCADA systems. Robust field controllers. ISO-standard communications. A full suite of on-line tools. Software capable of operating on a variety of computer platforms. But as sophisticated as Network 3000 is, it is not static. We continuously incorporate the latest technology into the product, while ensuring that all existing products remain compatible with the new upgrades.

Innovation and flexibility are present across Bristol Babcock's product offerings. Teletrans(tm), the first three-variable smart digital transmitter, provides unprecedented network communications capability. We recognize that not every application requires a smart transmitter, so we also offer a range of analog transmitters which supply excellent, economical performance.

Bristol Babcock pioneered analog and digital flow computers and meter correctors for the gas industry and continues to develop innovations which satisfy this dynamic industry's changing requirements. For example, AccuRate is the first flow computer to incorporate an integral smart transmitter. It also offers real-time communication, process control and full user-programmability.

The list of high quality, high performance products goes on and on: Pneumatic regulators and controllers for the process and oil and gas industries; one of the broadest lines of recorders available; and a wide variety of pressure switches for monitoring gauge, absolute or differential pressure. Our Helicoid product line offers a complete line of pressure gauges, thermometers, diaphragm seals and switches. All helicoid products are precision engineered and available in a number of popular configurations and all offer reliability which sets the standard for the industry.

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